Welcome the teachers, parents and the children,

We prepared the interactive books for children and with children. How do we do an interactive book? We use FlashPageFlip.com free version.
First during the lessons our pupils draw the pictures (paintings), they take the photos. Then, we put it into the common books together.
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The list of the interactive books and the links, HERE:

--> "Twinklick" visits New York City
"Twinklick" in Glogow / Poland
--> Twinklick visits Fgura in Malta
--> Twinklick visits Scotland ( soon...)
--> Twinklick visits Gijón / Asturias
--> Twinklick visits Canada ( soon...)
--> Twinklick visits Iceland
--> Twinklick visits Lithuania
--> Twinklick visits Romania ( soon...)
--> Twinklick visits Italy- Genoa
--> Twinklick visits Italy - Trapani ( soon...)
--> The traditional costumes - common book
fajram.gifMy favourite stories
--> Pinocchio on the Shape's Planet /from Trapani/
--> "Oink - Oink" interactive book from Malta
--> "Hrum - Hrum" humorystyczna historyjka z Malty (Oink- Oink)
--> "Sina's Dress" a favourite story of the Maltese children
--> "Don Kichote- przygoda z wiatrakami" (Polish version)
--> Each Peach Pear Plum! - favourite book from Scotland
Czerwony Kapturek (Little Red Riding Hood) favourite book the children from Poland
--> The Wawel Dragon - favourite legend from Poland (interactive book)
--> The legend of the Wawel Dragon
--> Legend about establishment of Vilnius

--> Bacicin Triboldo the green seaweed man - Genovese fable
--> Three Wishe Men in Gijón
---> Toninu, a Maltese story

---> Tursinu the naughty dog
fajram.gifThe other stories
---> Let's count together 1, 2... (common book with the numbers)
---> The traditional costumes - common book

---> Let's count together 1, 2... (common book with the numbers)