Bryan Gym - Dennison Paul
"Lazy eight"

Teacher: Ewa Matuszczak


Teacher: Ewa Matuszczak

1st Task: verification of number of childrfor the sake of gender.
- Children divided themselves into two groups.
- A girl and a boy make a couple.
com.jpg coma.jpg
- There is one girl without partner.
Children drew christmas trees. They cut out the christmas trees.
comp2a.jpg comp1.jpg

We placed chistmas trees in green and blue areas. We joined the christmas trees in each area
By drawing lines.

Each christmas tree has its pair. It means that there is the same number of christmas trees in both areas.

2nd Task: Divide gifts equally in both areas.

comp4.jpg comp4a.jpg
Children try to divide gifts. Verifikation...

there is one more gift in the red area.

3rd Task: How to examine if there is equal number of fingers in left and right palm?
comp5.jpg comp5a.jpg
Children answer: make pairs. We check it by joining fingers of left and right palm.

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