Hi everyone.

In November we here in Iceland are trying to keep up with you in math. There has been flu and a lot of kids had a chicken pox. We was also learning to dance as you can see here.

The children 1-3 years old in dance.

Counting and comparing - Math with the Davis Dyslexia Program
In this practice we exercise counting with the help of dice and what the dots on the dice mean. The children are handed clay which they are to use to make the number of balls which the teacher specifies. The teacher writes down on the whiteboard how many balls they are to make from 1 to 6 .

Numbers - Learning the name of the numbers
We noticed that many of the children did not know the names of the numbers. So we got them some plastic numbers and started to play with them.

Ron Davis in Unlocking the Power of Dyslexia
Model depicting concept of division.
Model depicting concept of division.