The children measure various objects

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teacher: Ewa Matuszczak

labolatorial, electronic, etc.
Balance estimates weight of objects, products, people: in shops, drug-stores, lifts, airplanes, stores.


These are weights. We feel the difference of burden of both weights. The first is heavier than the second one.
How many pumpkins does one kilogram weigh?
cie1.jpg Children weigh many objects.
- They read indications of a balance.
- They compare weight of objects.
- Which is heavier?
cie2a.jpg cie2.jpg

- We weigh acorns
- We add acorns or remove them from the scales.
Children weigh horse-chestnuts
cie2b.jpg cie2c.jpg

We check how much blocks weigh.
cie3a.jpg cie3.jpg

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