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Timeplan for school year 2008-2009.

„Twinklick” visits New York

Topic – Sharing Cultures

Children share their culture.
They will send photos of their national costumes.
Interactive book

Photos made into JClic puzzles.

“Twinklick” visits Poland and/or …

Topic – Sharing Cultures

The children choose and draw their heroes from their favourite books or heroes of national legends.

Topic of the month: Enumeration - Counting And Recognition of Numbers

Number story built with photos of the children from different countries.

Maths Around us – Maths and our toys.

Interactive book

Drawings made into puzzles

Interactive book with photos: Number 1 – photo of 1 child from Poland, Number 2 – Photo of 2 children from Malta etc.

“Twinklick” visits Malta and/or…

Topic – Sharing Cultures

A favourite story from each country made into an interactive book.

Topic of the month: Enumeration - Counting And Recognition of Numbers


A number song will be learnt by all the children and they will be videoed dramatizing this song.
Written Numbers in national language of each partner will be shared. These will be created into a PowerPoint presentation with value of number drawings drawn by the children.

Maths Around us – Maths in the Shops

Interactive book

Video clips of number songs

PowerPoint presentation:
Numbers 1 - 10
Children visit a shop and observe prices, money, shapes, numbers

“Twinklick” visits Spain and/or …

Topic – Sharing Cultures

Partners send pictures and drawings of Christmas traditions in each country. Exchange video clips of children singing traditional Christmas song.

Topic of the month: Writing of numbers

Children play with play dough and do number figures. We photograph every stage of the work and make video clips and pictures.
Video clips of children saying number 1-10 in national language.

Maths Around us – Maths at Christmas time

Interactive book

Title “National Christmas traditions” Quizzes - How many do you see?”

Quiz JMix (put pictures in pair) or Webcast about Christmas time

Puzzles with pictures of dough figures.

„Twinklick” visits Scotland and ……

Topic – Sharing Cultures

Topic: The national flags
Sequences (JClic)
- Colours: white, red, yellow, blue, green
- Position of colours on the flags: on head , on down, from left side, from right side, at centre
- How many flags is on the picture, count please?

Topic of the month: Shapes
Children explore shapes. They will look for shapes in local surroundings and take photos and draw buildings and structures from the local area.
They will observe shapes of windows, buildings, road signs etc

Maths Around us – Maths in the streets
Interactive book

Digital games

All these shapes put in a common PowerPoint.

Digital games with these photos will be created (JClic, Hot Potatoes).
Children observe shapes and numbers in the streets

“Twinklick” visits Iceland and/or …..

Topic – Sharing Cultures
Traditional number games

Topic of the month: Shapes

The children will create pictures and figures with shapes. These will be sent to partners.

Maths Around us – Maths in the kitchen

Interactive book

Rules and video clips of children playing traditional number games will be exchanged.
Digital games with these figures will be created.

Maths Around us – Maths in the kitchen

“Twinklick” visits Sicily and/or…

Topic – Sharing Cultures

Topic of the month: 3D shapes

Children make 3D shapes from play dough etc. They make 3d crafts using shapes. Photos from the activities will be exchanged.

Maths Around us – Maths in the garden

Interactive book

Digital games will be produced.

Whilst children play in the garden they will observe the environment, plants, seeds etc. They will observe the shape of leaves, flowers. Count, sort.

„Twinklick” visits England and/or…

Topic of the month: Space, position, front, back, directions

Digital game - “Where are my toys?”
Gross Motor activities with numbers included. Body awareness, relays, races etc.

Maths Around us – Maths in the school yard or gym

The children will be encouraged to invent new hands on games.
Interactive book

Products: “Where are my toys?” – quiz JMix and English words: over, under, behind, before, beside, etc

Gross Motor activities and games where children discover position, directions body awareness etc.

“Twinklick” visits Lithuania and /or…

Maths Around us – Maths and Water

Interactive book

Children discover properties of water and use mathematical language.


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